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International Silica Technologies is a producer of pure amorphous silion dixoide using a patented process that also yields renewable energy. (United States Patent Nos. 6,406,678 and 7,270,794)
Leo Gingras Joins IST as Chief Executive Officer

Since the commercial production of rice began,
farmers and rice mills have struggled to dispose of the stalks and hulls left behind after harvest and milling. The problem arises from large amounts of silica being extracted from the soil and deposited as silica phytoliths into the stems and especially the hulls of the rice plant. The rice hull contains 18 - 20 % high purity amorphous silica, the most of any biogenic material, making the hulls unique in nature. The silica is then bound by cellulose and lignin making the stalks and hulls resistant to water and fungal decomposition, and also resisting the best efforts of man to dispose of them. Scientists have struggled with this problem for decades..."if only we could extract the pure silica."
Rice Farming, which benefits from International Silica Technolgies new product.
StratoSil International Silica Technologies patented process is the key that liberates this valuable amorphous silica from the cellulose and the lignin! The resulting product, StratoSil, is 100% amorphous and 99.8 % plus pure silica. StratoSil™ is a "NEW" silica due to the structure and purity of the product being created by Mother Nature. Potential uses for StratoSil include anticaking/flow agents, batterie separators, coatings, cosmetics, defoamers, elastomer filler / reinforcer, filtration, fireproofing, inks, rubber, toothpaste and many other applications where fumed and precipitated silica are used.
Fumed and precipitated silica are manufactured from crystalline silica. Nearly all crystalline silica is strip mined or dredged. The process to convert the crystalline form to amorphous silica is expensive, fossil fuel energy dependent, and contributes additional carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Mining and dredging of crystalline silica
Power is created Renewable energy is a coproduct of our process. One pound of rice hulls contains the same energy as one pound of lignite coal. When the rice hulls are burned, this energy can be captured by steam turbine power plants. The electricity generated by the power plant is sold to the municipalities and delivered to the local power grid.

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